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  Full line of fresh and frozen fish and seafood products.
'A New Wave of Quality'

  With Catering Line you will find everything you need for your kitchen. Our designers have the experience and knowledge required to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Aside from our familiar blue and white logo there are three essential reasons we believe have made us so successful: Quality, Design and Value.


Celebrating worldwide success, Maxwell & Williams is the name you can trust in delivering the best, in design and value that money can buy.

This diverse collection utilizes a multitude of materials including porcelain, bone china, ceramics, glass, stainless steel and acrylic to create unique products for use in the kitchen, dining room and beyond.


  If you have followed Steven and Chris through their hit television shows, you know their approach to design is more about helping you find your personal style and less about imposing their personal taste. Experienced and charismatic designers, Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman provide insight into design and help people in pursuit of beautiful living spaces.

  For 3 decades Silvio provided products to a wide range of customers, from houseware and tableware stores, to gifts and décor shops , supplying goods at a very competitive price.

  Since 1889, four successive generations have managed Trudeau Corporation, now a leader in its field. The No. 1 supplier of quality Kitchen and Table Products in North America, Trudeau is known throughout the world for its high quality products, excellent import and distribution logistics, and unparalleled Customer Service.

  The history of Bormioli Rocco is the history of glass. At the beginning of the XIXth century, in 1825, the first Bormioli Rocco glassware laboratory was built in Parma. Since 1825, Bormioli Rocco has travelled a road marked by the continuous introduction of innovation in machinery, materials and design.
Thanks to the ability of uniting the ancient wisdom and passion of master glassmakers to modern industrial processes, the Group, with 9 plants, 3 decorating ateliers and 11 stores is today one of the main actors, not only on the Italian, but also the international market where it represents Made in Italy with success.





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