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 "The Ocean Friendly Seafood"

Seacore Seafood is taking the necessary steps to ensure it does its part in meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing the future generations of their own needs. 

As a result of the ever growing public demand on sustainability, Seacore Seafood has created the OceanPrime ® Sustainable Seafood Program.


"Seacore's Commitment to Sustainable Seafood" 


   Sustainable Seafood Products
          Click here for the list of fish and seafood that are sustainable. 

   What is Sustainable Seafood?
Click here for a definition on sustainability.

   Sustainability Principles
Click here for the guiding principles behind our OceanPrime ® Sustainable Seafood.

Click here for information on SeaChoice and Seacore's partnership with them. 

    Seacore's Letter of Committment to Sustainable Seafood


 "Show Your Customers That You Care"

and do your part!

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"Contact us today for our Ocean WiseTM Product List" 

Click here for more information on the excellent program offered by Ocean Wise



"Seacore Seafood is a certified supplier of MSC Products"



"We offer a selection of certified MSC products"
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"Seacore is ACC Certified"

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