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Red Spring Salmon
Oncorhynchus tshawytcha


  • The Salmon with many names: Chinook Salmon, King Salmon or Red Spring Salmon
  • White Spring Salmon is also available with white colour fillets
  • Available as whole, butterfly, steaks, portions or fillet
  • Fillets are available in a variety of sizes 2-3 & 3-4 LB
  • Whole is available in a 6-8, 8-10 & 10-12 LB size
  • Wild and Farm-raised in British Columbia
  • Farm-raised is grown under organic conditions but CFIA currently does not allow it to be called Organic
  • Fresh
  • Product of Canada and USA

   We offer a selection of certified MSC King Salmon. 

* Farm-raised available all year long


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